We Handle Freight

We Handle Freight

Management Solutions Provider

We will take care of all your shipping needs, from finding the right carrier to making sure your freight arrives on time and in perfect conditions. We also offer freight brokering services, so you can get the best rates on shipping.


We are a transportation management company that uses technology with the human touch to take care of all the details related to freight from start to finish.

With our team’s experience and expertise, we pride ourselves on overdelivering for both carriers and shippers.


We offer dedicated and customized movements for owner-occupants and we specialize in getting high paying freight. Reach out to us and let us show you what we can do for your business!

We're Here To Make Shipping Easy For You​

For independent Owner Operators operating under their own authority we offer dispatch services. You probably have discovered that most loads you may try to book will offer unattractive pay. Most well-paying loads do not last more than 1 or 2 minutes before being booked by another carrier.

Based on our experience, we have to make many phone calls and send multiple emails to the shippers and brokers before we can book well-paying freight. In order to do that, constant monitoring of the freight market is required. We understand that driving and making 30-40 phone calls is a very difficult task. That is where we can help!

Just let us know where you would like to go and we’ll put our best effort to find you a load and negotiate the best possible rate for you. We shall book it and take care of any necessary paperwork (like carrier set up packages). This way you can concentrate on driving while we are taking care of your logistical needs.​

We'll Save You Time & Money On Your Freight Shipping

Upfront Pricing

24/7- Anytime Service

Qualified Experts

We're Here To Make Shipping Easy For You

We are always open for all your inquiries on how we can help you. Our expert team will guide you through the process of how you can get started. 

We pride ourselves on our accomplishments see video below.

Benefits of Working with We Handle Freight

 A specialized dispatching service (A dedicated dispatcher will be provided).

 There are no hidden fees.

 If you are on a load, you can get weekend support.

You get to choose the locations you wish to service!

Reasonable and competitive freight prices.

  Free sending of invoices to your factoring firm.

Our Area Of Expertise




Dry Van


 You are provided an account executive who will talk to you about your needs. What lanes and areas you prefer if you are a carrier. We will get a good understanding of your business and help you develop a plan to make your business more successful. We will talk about your capacity and the types of loads you want to haul.

Yes you can! But not after the rate confirmation is signed and sent to the broker.

The key is not to work more hours, but to make more money per mile. It basically boils down to us finding the best loads out there, getting the best possible rates for every load, and keeping your cost-per-mile as low as possible. When you get these things dialed in and working together, you will make a higher profit as an owner-operator.

Yes, you can. However, you must notify the company.

We specializes Flat-bed, Dry Van, Power-only, and Reefer trucks.

Call us through Toll free number: 📞 +1 833-887-8254 and you can email us 📨 cw@wehandlefreight.com

We are always pleased to hear anything from you, call us through this number ☎ (+1) 833-887-8254, you can also email us support@wehandlefreight.com or cw@wehandlefreight.com

We make freight shipping easy - just call us and we'll take care of the rest!

Toll-free number: ☎ +1- 833-887-8254


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